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Free tool to track programs running on your computer
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Snooper is a powerful tracking tool that runs in the background and tracks the programs running on your computer even when you are away. Snooper is a great tool that works like a spy which is invisible to the users and keeps an eye on your computer. It records the starting and stopping time of all the programs running on your computer in a log file named Snoop.log. Snooper can also record other events which are reflected in an application title bar like title of the web pages displayed in the web browser, names of the files opened in Microsoft Word/Excel etc.
With its log file, Snooper enables you to analyze all the different programs that were run on your PC, when they were run and for how long they ran. It also helps you in detecting unwanted programs or any other invisible harmful programs tampering your computer. It allows you to lock the log file so that other programs can only read it and cannot write on it. You can do that by simply adding “/lock” to the Snooper’s command line. Snooper is easy to use, small in size and requires very low memory for execution.
Interestingly, this useful tool is available for free to download and install.

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  • Small in size and easy to install
  • Low CPU Usage
  • Allows programmers to download the source code of a program
  • Allows users to lock a program so that other applications cannot write on the log file used by the program
  • Free


  • Does not work on Linux or Mac OS
  • Terminates program without proper error handling when second instance of the program is started
  • Not user friendly
  • The users have to make command line changes for configuring the locking option or for viewing the current version of the program
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